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in charge. the united states has really taken de facto control of the air strip. here is what is happening as we go on the air tonight. the international red cross made news today, grim news with their latest estimates that the death toll before it's over will number between 45,000 and 50,000. the urgent needs right now, food, water and fuel. as everyone here has said, as the president himself said today, aid to haiti is a top priority for everyone in the free world. again, another desperate day here in haiti, a race against time that continues around the clock. this city has been crushed. from the air it looks like the life has gone out of it, and from the ground, it almost has. the bodies are everywhere, frozen under the concrete. some painful last moments, terrified people grasping each other for comfort. there are so many of the dead, the morgue is full. today, haiti's president estimated he has buried 7,000 citizens so far in a common grave. >> we need some help to carry them dead bodies and try to bury them. >> dazed and numb, the living seem almost oblivious, except for the smell of
targets in yemen, but the united states, itself. >> the president made it clear where the fault lies for the failed attack on christmas day. >> this was not a failure to collect intelligence. it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had. >> reporter: today's meeting comes as the administration finds itself on the defensive about how it initially handled the incident. >> sadly, the president is judged more on his public relations than on his governing. >> reporter: the challenge for the administration is clear -- >> terrorists only have to be lucky or successful once. we have to be successful every single time. that is an incredibly high standard, but one we should aspire to. >> reporter: and the president indicated just that. >> the margin for error is slim. the consequences of failure can be catastrophic. >> reporter: brian, the president also confirmed publically that the united states would no longer release any guantanamo bay detainees of yemeni descent back to their home country. guantanamo bay may not shut down for another two years. >> chuc
nation. the capital city in ruins. the population now facing a struggle to survive, as the united states and the world rush to help. this special edition of "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> good evening, i'm lester holt in new york. brian williams is in haiti tonight. a country brought to its knees by a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake. brian joins us on the telephone from port-au-prince with the very latest. >> reporter: lester, this is a desperate country tonight. we are in the middle of a dark tarmac in port-au-prince international airport in haiti. imagine there is no power, no lights unless they're coming off the aircraft. no food or water to speak of, and now the relief flights are starting to come in. you hear the prop wash from one plane in the background. some of them, and this is the cost of good intentions, are dropping relief supplies on a tarmac. there aren't enough people or moving vehicles with gasoline to come and get the bandages and syringes. we saw one fetal monitor that stood in the middle of one tarmac with no one to claim it. th
of haiti that the united states is a friend, a partner and a supporter. and we will work with your government under the direction of president preval to assist in every way we can. >> reporter: in the maze of fferent governments and aid agencies here, clinton says there are some things the united states does best she says they are literally taking a google map to identify 14 distribution points for water and food, and flying in water filtration equipment from all over the world. in an interview with nbc news, she challenged reports that vital aid is sitting at the airport, not getting out. there is a perception and there have been kmrints, reports, of bottlenecks, a lot of aim coming in but not getting out to the people who need it. >> that's just not true. there's aid coming in and getting out. there's just not enough of it yet because we don't have yet the kind of distribution networks or the port open. so everything you see is coming in by air and the airport has one runway. >> reporter: clinton said her first question this week was why not parachute food to the starving people
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they were talking about sending mr. abdulmutallab to the united states. >> reporter: the report concludes it was not information sharing among agencies, but more systemic. a failure of analysis, connecting the dots, and now in hindsight, a failure to follow up on the lead that al qaeda in yemen wanted to strike the u.s. on the homeland. >> we must follow the leads that we get, and we must pursue them until plots are disrupted. that means assigning clear lines of responsibility. >> reporter: the president issued 16 new reforms he wants implemented at key agencies including state, review how u.s. visas are issued and revoked. homeland security. pursue new technologies and procedures for screening airline passengers. cia. strengthen procedures on terrorist watch lists in review and distribution. fbi, conduct a full review of the terrorist-screening data base. a senior state department official tells nbc news a simple misspelling of abdulmutallab's name is why no one knew he had a valid visa. >> the president is investing a billion more dollars in aviation security around the world. he said w
earthquake victims to the united states. kerry sanders will have more on that in a moment, but our coverage from port-au-prince begins with nbc's michelle kosinski and those americans accused of child trafficking. michelle, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. there's this wall of confusion. the i shall on both sides being what exactly is going on here. the haitian government believes this church group was involved in an illicit adoption scheme. the group says it was simply moving some orphans to a better home. but how much they knew about these children and how much they should have known are serious questions tonight. 33 children, age 2 months to 12 years, were taken off a bus that had been stopped trying to cross the xwroerd inborder into the d republic. the kids had been in the care of ten americans, an idaho baptist church group now held in jail for a second day by haitian authorities and accused of attempted child trafficking. the government here says the americans had no official documents for these children. >> without passport, without paper. >> reporter: the group told
: if you don't go to the united states and the others cannot go, what is the future here? >> we don't have a future here. >> reporter: and fears a future in the united states may never happen. kerry sanders, nbc news, port-au-prince, haiti. >> reporr: this is andrea mitchell in washington. the heart-breaking stories of loss and occasionally salvation. inspiring thousands of anguished calls to a state department nerve center. the most frequent question, how to adopt a child? only children matched with u.s. families before the earthquake can be adopted says the state department's cheryl mills. >> we don't want to take children who have loving families who want them in haiti. we want to make sure we are taking children who had the occasion to be identified as orphans and have families here in the united states waiting for them. >> reporter: approximately 1,100 u.s. adoptions from haiti were pending before the earthquake. of these, more than 350 children have arrived in the u.s. 121 more are approved, ready to go. another 500 may still be eligible. even for these families, the process isn't ea
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basis here. the desperate search is going on in the united states in so many households from a college in the united states to individuals. they want to find out details of loved ones who are here with no power, no communication structure. that story tonight from nbc's mark potter. >> reporter: aboard a private plane, the eight survivors from lynn university arrived in ft. lauderdale, four fellow students and two faculty members still unaccounted for. a rescue team hired by the school is searching the rubble at the montana hotel in port-au-prince, where the students and staff were staying when the earthquake struck. >> i just remember it shaking. it was like a bomb going off or something, and then the ground just dropped and i hit the floor and covered my head. >> reporter: fuelling hope for those awaiting news, christy woolly from colorado springs, just learned her husband dan had just been rescued from an elevator shaft at the hotel. >> i thought last night he probably died. i didn't think he could survive three days buried in rubble, but he can. here's his picture and he's coming ho
of that christmas day airline bombing plot, today the united states unexpectedly closed its embassy there, citing specific threats against americans. security, counterterrorism, and what to do about the rising threat from inside yemen topped the president's agenda this week as he returns to washington from his hawaiian vacation. late today, however, the u.s. transportation security administration moved forward on its own with some big changes in how it secures international airline flights bound for the united states. there are a lot of moving parts to this story we want to get to. let's start with nbc's tom costello, who happens to have just arrived off a flight from europe. he joins us from our washington bureau with more on that breaking development from the tsa. tom? >> reporter: lester, good evening. the tsa is saying tonight that all international passengers traveling into the u.s. may well see enhanced random screenings, which will include pat-downs, explosive testing of luggage, and those enhanced body imaging scans before they board a flight. the tsalso says all passengers from or travel
. there is a local tsunami warning in effect. here in the united states, president obama released a statement saying, "my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this earthquake. we are closely monitoring the situation and stand ready to assist the people of haiti." a very difficult situation, brian. >> indeed. ron allen getting us started in our new york newsroom, thanks. >>> tomorrow marks the first public meeting of what's called the financial crisis inquiry commission. a panel set up by congress a lot like the 9/11 commission was to get to the bottom of last year's financial meltdown. the ceos of the biggest banks will be there just as they are about to reward their employees with what could be some record-breaking bonuses. cnbc's david faber here in washington to cover everything that happens tomorrow is here with us tonight. i heard somebody say today for the banking industry, this is like the start of the old watergate hearings, correct or hyperbole? >> perhaps a bit of hyperbole, but no doubt tomorrow when you have lloyd bank, john mack, jamie dimon and the new ceo of bank america a
's christian mission has brought children to the united states. an adoptive father himself with twins born here, now hopes to get 30 more children out. >> if all children could stay in their home country and get the basic provisions of life, food, water and a place to sleep, then they probably should. but in haiti, that's not the case. >> reporter: a heart-wrenching dilemma after the earthquake, what's best for the children? the united states is own am allowing children to be reunited with the families they were matched with before the quake happened. it's a number that's difficult to pin down because the documents are lost under the rubble. but it could mean another 200 children or so heading to america. brian? >> ron allen in port-au-prince tonight, starting us off. >>> perhaps you're among the millions who watched and donated during friday night's network all-star telethon for haiti. the broadcast raised $58 million and counting, that's a record for any single cause. people are sending a lot through a lot of different charities. but how to keep track of it all. that story tonight from lisa m
there are so many urgent problems to solve. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: continuing where he left off wednesday night. >> despite our hardships, our union is strong. we do not give up. we do not quit. >> reporter: the president's 70-minute state of the union address laid out jobs as his job wants, pushing a package of small business tax breaks and chiding the republicans for sitting on their hands. >> i thought i would get applause on that one. >> reporter: the president spebt less time on his signature issue health care reform, but made an impassioned plea to fellow democrats to get it done. >> i will not walk away from these americans and neither should the people in this chamber. >> reporter: today some democrats criticized the president for not laying out a specific legislative strategy to get health care passed, but house speaker nancy pelosi said it will happen one way or the other. >> the fence is too high, we'll pole vault in, that doesn't work, we'll parachute in, but we are going to get health care reform passed. >> reporter: down in the polls and battered
. if that had been mitch mcconnell saying that about an african-american candidate for president of t united states, trust me, this chairman and t dnc would be screaming for his head very much as they were with trent lott. >> reporter: former republican majority leader trent lott was forced to quit over racial remarks he made back in 2002. today most democrats rallied behind reid, already facing a tough re-election campaign in nevada. >> i think sterne reid stepped up, acknowledged that they were wrong, apologized to the president. he's accepted the apology. and we're moving on. >> reporter: also in "game change," behind the campaign smiles obama's anger at his running mate's gaffes. especially after joe biden's comment that obama would be tested. >> mark my words. it will not be six months before the world tests barack obama like they did john kennedy. >> reporter: the authors say the candidate hit the ceiling, asking aides, "how many times is biden going to say something stupid?" the book has gossipy accounts of other campaign players. elizabeth edwards called her husband a hick, unleashed
haitian organs leave the miami airport to begin a new life with new families in the united states. some of the children appear exhausted. others seem dazed by all they've been through since the disaster. >> we're just really -- we're just thankful to get the kids out. >> reporter: all the children come from the god's littlest asia orphanage near port-au-prince, with the usual paperwork waived on humanitarian grounds in this circumstance, hargs children being processed for adoption -- >> hi, katie, hi molly. >> reporter: can join their new families immediately. rand-on horn is at a loss for words now that he and stevenson are finally together. >> i think i'm so overwhelmed, i don't know right now. i mean, it's great, but i don't know. >> reporter: sandy and don from grand junction, colorado, have adopted twins annie and annio, but are still concerned about other children left behind. >> haiti needs help. we are going to keep those people still in haiti in our prayers. >> reporter: an irony is that the deadly earthquake speeded up the often years-long adoption process. >> there's always s
, thwarted plots here in the united states and saved countless american lives. >> reporter: and, lester, we're told that today the government of yemen is stepping up efforts to combat the insurgency within its borders. and to that end, america's top general was this weekend in the region in yemen, as a matter of fact, consulting with top officials there about the fight against al qaeda. lester? >> mike viqueira, thanks. >>> chuck todd is our chief white house correspondent and political director. he joins us from honolulu, where the president is about to wrap up a much-interrupted holiday vacation. chuck, when the president gets back to d.c., what does he want to hear from these intelligence and homeland security staff memberof that tuesday meeting? >> well, since he's been here and ordered those immediate reviews about what happened and how is it that these dots weren't connected, he's going to have questions about those initial reviews that he received. and so when he has that meeting on tuesday morning of all of those folks that mike mentioned in his piece, he's going to be shing back an
of the united states. >> it was an encounter seldom seen, a public airing of grievance by political adversaries. >> i am not an ideologue. i'm not. >> reporter: the president appeared for more than an hour at a meeting of the house gop. as both sides let off steam. >> just a tone of civility instead of slash and burn would be helpful. >> i was disappointed, i think a lot of americans were disappointed. >> reporter: today in keeping with the bipartisan theme mr. obama welcomed a former republican president, president george h.w. bush to the white house for a courtesy call. now entering an election year with a lack of bipartisanship itself becomes a partisan issue and democratic majorities in congress are thrtened. the president has reacted aggressively with a series of mpaign style events and yesterday's meeting with republicans where the president insisted he welcomes their ideas. >> i never for a moment thought that the president had read my proposal. >> reporter: mr. oh babama surpd congressman paul ryan citing sections of a bill he wrote. >> and made a serious proposal. i've read it. >> repo
for money from relatives and friends in the united states. the u.n. is encouraging haitians to help themselves and strengthen the local economy with a program called cash for cleanup. these people earn about $3 per day to remove rubble. the goal is to give thousands jobs, money and a reason to stay as the number of haitians fleeing the wrecked capital increases every day. an estimate released today says that up to 1 million haitians may flee the capital port-au-prince. that would be about half the population. it's an exodus that's already causing problems out in the countryside where there are small, rural communities that are unable to cope with so many people arriving in need of so much. lester? >> ron allen, thank you. >>> haiti's cry for help as brought massive mobilizations by large and experienced relief organizations but it has also touched something inside many individuals who are equipped with only their hearts and a determination to make a difference. also in port-au-prince tonight is nbc's michelle kosinski with that story. >> reporter: if you ever wondered what one perso
. the government of yemen is weak but friendly to the united states. today it claimed to have killed two al qaeda militants. it's all getting a lot of attention from the obama administration. we get more from our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. >> reporter: into the cold, the obama family returned from balmy hawaii. as yemen rose to the tom of the president's national security concerns. in yemen, france and other western countries joined the u.s. and great britain in closing embassies. officials told nbc news because of the threat of missing trucks that could contain bombs. in washington, the secretary of state called yemen a regional and global threat. >> it's time for the international community to make it clear to yemen that their expectations and conditions on our continuing support for the government. >> reporter: that support runs deep. u.s. missiles attacked a suspected al qaeda stronghold in yemen on december 17th and supported a yemeni strike on december 24th. the obama administration is budgeting $53 million in aid for yemen this year, a 56% increase. in addition to
then on the way from europe were told about 130 in all. >> there were 3,500 flights airborne over the united states at the time. who can guarantee there wasn't another event about to happen? >> reporter: the traportation security administration called it a, quote, strategic-based decision, but the pilots say a warning would have led them to keep the cockpit doors closed, and to alertlight attendants to watch for suspicious behavior. tonight the department of homeland security says it is sending a team to visit airports around the world starting monday to push for improvements in airline security overseas. >> pete, thank you. >>> it was certainly an eventful year on wall street, the huge rally in the stock market since march wasn't enough to offset this decade's losses. in fact, this decade has been second only to the 1930s as the worst ever. the dow is more than 9% lower than where it was january 2000. perhaps it's fitting that the day ended on a down note on wall street. the blue chips were off more than 120 points on this last trading day of the year. >>> whether you're celebrating, vacati
. >> reporter: despite the growing build up here by the united nations and united states, both say they take their marching orders ultimately from the haitian government. this is haiti's seat of power now, a small police station near the airport where everyone comes waiting for answers. on the streets, scattered clashes occurred again between police and people taking what they need. most of the city, however, is peaceful. criticism of president rene prevalley response to the crisis is growing. >> he doesn't even say anything, never mind visiting the people. >> reporter: local government leaders are also searching for guidance. who is in charge here? >> this would be the president. >> reporter: are they? >> i don't know. >> reporter: a haitian government spokesman says they are making progress in assigning regional ministers to oversee relief. >> this mean that they are still believing they are the government. still believing you should do more and i believe it's good for democracy, a good sign for haiti. >> reporter: as recovery extends funny a second week, everyone knows the short-term hope
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)